Anti-Acne Hydrating Fluid

    Prevents and corrects the appearance of acne. Balances, attenuates redness and moisturizes. Indicated for juvenile and adult skins with different types of acne (itching, papules, pustules, abscesses ...). It helps to diminish, relieve and calm the acne areas. It does not contain alcohol, it moisturizes the skin at the same time as it corrects excess fat and decreases the pore size. 50ml


    The combination of its active ingredients has traditionally been used to effectively improve cellulite and fluid retention. This formula is very effective due to the quality and high concentration of its ingredients. 210ml

    Anti-dandruff shampoo

    Antidandruff, anti germs, antifungal, hair and cell regenerator, balancing, exfoliating, It reduces itching. Anti-dandruff shampoo specially formulated to regenerate and stimulate the scalp. Due to its active principles that promote the elimination of dandruff and itching at the same time it has an exfoliating, moisturizing and balancing effect. Cleans the root and provides a natural shine. Its use is indicated for hair and skin in areas with fungi. Normalizes and gives vitality to the hair. It provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being. 125ml  

    Anti-hair lotion

    Anti-hair loss, capillary reactivation, improves cerebral circulation and increases concentration. This formula combines the active principles of male, rosemary, ginkgo biloba, etc. that nourish, regenerate cells, activate circulation and improve mood to reduce hair loss. 50ml  

    Cosmetics with soul


    The products of Síntesis Salud are formulated with 100% natural and high quality ingredients.


    Free of toxics, our products do not include parabens, silicones, dyes, perfumes, petroleum derivatives, sulphates, aluminum, etc. Nor any other harmful ingredient for health.


    None of our products has been tested with animals.


    Our products are 100% suitable for vegans.


    Our products contain ingredients validated by ECOCERT.


    We bet on cosmetics products to the fullest.

    Experts in allergies and intolerances

    Corrective Cream

    Deep wound in the leg with suture. Three days after having sutured the wound was very inflamed and the edges very red. The corrective cream is applied to the edges of the wound during the morning and evening. The next morning the inflammation had almost completely subsided and the appearance of the wound was much healthier.

    Andrés 56 years

    Life Essential Smoothie

    I take it for breakfast because I was always tired, now the performance is greater, my work is more creative and effective thanks to this master formula.

    Gabriel 45 years

    Life Essential Smoothie

    I was getting fat for epilepsy medication, I went to the gym 2 hours a day and at the beginning I took the typical gym shakes and since it was not 100% natural I found it heavy and with a very strange taste on the palate. Since I drink the Life Essential shake for breakfast and replace a meal, I have lost 9kg in 3 months and I have stayed with my ideal weight.

    Alberto 31 years

    Life Essential Smoothie

    I took the shake to lose weight and I realized that the pain had diminished a lot. Now I take it mainly to decrease the pain of fibromyalgia and at the same time I control my weight. It has also changed my skin and hair, I have it better.

    Elena 48 years

    Beauty protocol

    After participating in the Sinthesis Health Course and performing the facial cleansing, I noticed the untreated side very dense and the treaty relaxed and light. After removing the mask, the part of the face where I applied the treatment was much cleaner, with volume and I noticed the skin softer and firmer.

    Lola 57 years

    Vital Elixir of Gems & Flowers

    He had a very powerful pain in his left arm, he had not related why and at 3 o’clock in the morning he could not sleep, he wanted to go to the emergency room. Then it occurred to me to pulverize the elixir of Gems and Flowers in the arm since I remembered that for tensorial and emotional pain it released the pain. After 10 minutes it had completely disappeared.

    Mar 46 years

    Corrective Cream

    I met Sinthesis Salud for the Corrective Cream. They recommended it to me because my husband had been suffering from dermatitis on his face for 8 years and had terrible welts with desquamation. In a few days using the cream they disappeared. So we can not be happier. Now we use it for everything: bites, burns … my daughters call it the magic cream.

    Sara Bargueño

    Anti-wrinkle cream SPF Color

    Perfect to use all year round.

    Carme Cubi

    Corrective Cream

    I’ve been using it for two years and it’s fantastic. I have nothing more to say that it is a cream that works miracles.

    I usually have different skin problems, as well as allergies to many cosmetic products. It solves all the problems related to the skin; redness, irritation, eczema, scarring, etc.

    I showed it to my dermatologist and he told me that it had an impressive composition, “it is that it has everything”. My husband also uses it for chafing, burns, rashes, etc. The flame “multi-purpose cream”. All my thanks for this great formulation !!!

    Ana B. Rodríguez


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