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Tips for a perfect and rejuvenating shower

One of the most important acts of personal care that we carry out daily without having the awareness that it is so important is the shower or the bathroom

Our body during the day is purifying and through all the pores of the skin is breathing and in turn eliminating sweat and toxins. Also the cells die, they stay in the superficial layers and it is very important to eliminate them so that the pores are free and can be oxygenated. Hence the great importance of a shower.

Sinthesis Salud brings you the tools for how we should shower to improve our health, skin and performance.

But do you know what is the best time to shower?

If possible in  the morning to eliminate all the cleansing and detoxification that has occurred during sleep (during sleep we repair our organs and purify our body).

During the day, we activate and nourish our body. A shower at night before bedtime or when you get home from work, is also a good option, to eliminate the perspiration but also unload all the physical and emotional tensions that during the day we have been accumulating and have been retained as small veils around our body.

How do we have to shower?

You should do a cleaning with water rubbing vigorously, either with your hands or with cotton mittens that have small plastic filaments that are much softer than those of horsehair. This is done to reactivate the circulation, eliminate dead cells and leave the pore free so that it can be oxygenated.

It is very important with the shower to pour on the palm of your hands and feet abundant water to activate the reflexology points of the hands and feet. It is advisable to start from the sole of the foot and go up to the head with circular movements. If we start from the sole of the foot, we move the toes, we go up the knees, until we reach the face.

  • We do not recommend the daily use of soap, however mild it may be, unless the person does intense work where it needs to be cleaned with more depth.
  • It is not advisable to wash your hair every day with shampoo, as ideally it would be twice a week.
  • The last rinse water should be warm to cold pulling to tone our skin and muscles

Thenwe will dry by rubbing with circular movements until we reach a small reddening of the skin, in this way, we activate our muscles as much as possible and more blood flows to the epidermis.


It would be advisable to make an exfoliation with the Herbal Qi Sinthesis Salud Extract together with the Infant Oil, we mix a small amount of both products and apply it to the body. After drying, we apply the whole body milk from the toe to the neck. With this we avoid dryness, cracks in the heel or athlete’s foot and reinforce the skin because it is more resistant and what we are going to achieve is a feeling of lightness and relief.

Have you ever thought that the shower is one of the most important acts of the day?

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