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How to get rid of dark circles and look natural

Who raise your hand who can sleep soundly? Do not? Quiet if it is not your case. 
We have a frenetic pace of life: studies, work, obligations, fatigue, stress, etc. and it is normal that all these factors affect our body, not only internally, but our skin also notices it. 

One of the first symptoms is dark circles, those left over or swelling that originates under the eyes and that has a lot to do with everything discussed above. That’s why it’s important to find an eye contour and stop looking like a zombie in the morning. 

The bags and dark circles in the eyes affect a large number of people, both men and women. The bags or swelling under the eyes are caused by weakened tissues as we age, but also due to unhealthy habits, genetic or hereditary factors or fat accumulation. The dark circles, have always been related with lack of sleep, although they also tend to appear due to harmful excesses, allergic factors and depending on the type and skin tone.

We propose some small tricks to combat these signs of fatigue and start a year with new purposes. 

  • Change your habits It is important to sleep, to sleep well. 

Not only does the amount of time we spend sleeping matter, the quality of sleep is also important. You have to disconnect all the problems, everything that happened in the day and leave worries aside. Connect with oneself, relax and sleep.

  • Take care of your diet This does not mean that you start a diet, it means improving your meals.

Eat more vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish, etc. Establishing guidelines for a healthier life is fundamental.
Avoid chopping between hours, industrial bakery or soft drinks. If you get it, you will notice a big change. Now, that does not mean that from time to time you can not afford a whim, it would be more!

  • Add an Eye Contour to your daily routine. The Sinthesis Salud is specially formulated to maintain the optimal elasticity of the skin, thanks to its active principles that give the fluid nourishing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Its draining powers help reduce bags, dark circles and wrinkles. It is a powerful cell regenerator thanks to its components such as aloe vera, calendula, quinton plasma, shea butter, centella asiatica extract and guerandé salt, among others, all of first quality and 100% natural.

  • And finally, bet on a natural cosmetics. Many times the cosmetics that we use for our skin is not the most recommended because unknowingly it contains toxins. Start betting cosmetics with natural ingredients.
Importance of Eye Contour

Moisturizes, regenerates delicate areas of the eyelids and lips, improves and reduces the appearance of bags and dark circles while eliminating wrinkles of expression. In addition, it reaffirms, drains, activates circulation and is refreshing, preventing the accumulation of toxins … but, do you know what your mode of use is??

  1. It is advisable to apply it with the fingertips from the corner of the eyes towards the inside, with circular movements.
  2. In the upper part of the lips apply from the middle towards the cheeks, and in the lower part upwards.

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