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Anti-cellulite fluid firming and toning Sinthesis Salud

Cellulite an inflammation of the connective tissue produced by a retention of fluids, toxins, germs, they are really a pathology that must be treated, it is not only something aesthetic.

  • What are the causes of cellulite?

One of the main causes are food allergies, there is a percentage of 80% that are due to gluten intolerance (wheat, oats, rye, kamut, spelled) and to the derivatives of veal (meat, milk, yogurt and butter).

Inadequate nutrition with many toxins (animal milk, cheeses, cold meats, sausages, commercial sauces, seafood, red meat, farmed fish, canned food, acidic commercial drinks) or a fast and chewy diet.

Other causes are to wear tight clothes that prevent good circulation.

Stress and fatigue due to overstrain, not sleeping adequately without quality, a sedentary life, lack of exercise, worries

  • Tips to eliminate cellulite

We recommend drinking alkaline water (pour in 5 liters of water half a spoonful of baking soda) at least a liter and a half of water apart from the intake of other liquids. Consume mostly vegetables and fruits, legumes and cereals, avoid refined sugars, pastries and gluten-free foods. The fruit can be eaten mid-morning or afternoon, outside meals.

Walk, breathe deeply nature and disconnect from your worries. If you suffer from insomnia, try showering at night and rubbing with our body milk.

If you have emotional problems, help with our Elixir of gems and flowers that can also be applied in areas with more cellulite.

  • To combat cellulite we recommend our Anticellulitic Fluid

The Anticellulitic Fluid de of Sinthesis Salud has been created to combat several actions at the same time. Its active principles have the properties of penetrating to the deep layer of the conjunctive tissue to dissolve and drain the adipocytes, relying on the mechanical action of a massage to favor this disintegration.

Its effect is day and night, 24h. The active ingredients have the properties of activating circulation. To improve cellulite we must have a good circulation and the cells of our organism must receive the adequate oxygen supply. Other active ingredients have a very important calming and decongestant effect to remove the sensation of pain and to reduce that area. In addition, they also have firming and invigorating action since as the cellulite is produced and its volume decreases, the skin remains flaccid. 

  • How to use:

You have to use it in the morning and at night preferably after the shower. Its application starts from the sole of the foot giving circular massages, making penetrate the product. Then we perform ascending movements from the ankle to the knees. Insisting on areas where there is more cellulite. Then, we went up from the knees to the groin and all the abdomen and hip part until under the chest.

This Anti-cellulite fluid can also be used on the chest except the nipple. We can also use it under the arms and on the side of the sides of the back. In short, it can be applied in any area of ​​the body that has inflammation and circulatory problems.

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