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Keys to choosing a good deodorant that takes care of and protects your skin

One of the main problems of daily life is the use of deodorants, since it is one of the most used cosmetics. The problem is that its use without the right information can become a great enemy of health.

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Before buying a deodorant, you have to carefully read its composition since we apply it on the armpits or English and in both areas is the largest extension of the lymphatic system, responsible for cleaning our body of toxins, foreign agents, pathogens, etc. In short, it is the purifying system together with the kidneys and the liver. Therefore, when we use a toxic product in those areas we are saturating our lymphatic system and our blood, at the same time that we damage the liver and the kidneys.

The active ingredients most commonly used to obtain a deodorant effect are aluminum, triclosan … In addition, when the formulation of the deodorant contains parabens and other chemical preservatives, the use of this cosmetic is further aggravated. In many cases, reading the active principles of deodorants is misleading, for example, “it does not contain parabens or aluminum” and, nevertheless, it carries triclosan and other harmful chemicals.

Aware of this, in Sinthesis Salud we continuously carry out very laborious research in order to obtain formulas capable of covering needs as naturally as possible. This is one of them, get deodorant effect and at the same time, help clean and drain the lymphatic system.

  • How do we get it?

The combination of herbal extracts, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, sage, essential oils such as lemon and many other components give this wonderful formula the ability to keep your body odorless and, at the same time, activate your meridians and help purify blood vessels and the lymphatic.

  • How should the deodorant Sinthesis Salud be used?

THE deodorant is always used immediately after the shower. It is necessary to wash and dry in depth.

Take a small amount with your fingers and apply in the area of ​​the armpit in a clockwise direction until the product penetrates. The product is absorbed and no residue remains, otherwise an excess dose has been used.

This deodorant can also be used under the chest in people with a large chest to avoid irritation, in the groin and also on the feet, especially between the nails to avoid the foot of the fin.

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