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Vital Elixir of Gems & Flowers, the Flower of Life and the Amethyst

We have chosen to accompany the Elixir of Gems & Flowers, the Mandala of the Flower of Life and the Amethyst as the common thread of both. Now I explain the relationship.

The Elixir of Gems & Flowers is a formula that took years to create, I wanted to make an Elixir that would help wake up in the morning and connect with the 5 senses.

My thought was that it was energetically powerful, that’s why its formula contains Waters of Rose, Blossom and Hamamelis, Elixirs with the frequencies of gems of almost all the planet, among them the amethyst of great purity, Elixirs of flowers and plants, Essential Oils, Quinton plasma, … and a long list of active ingredients that turn the Elixir of Gems & Flowers into a formula that exceeds the expectations for which it was created.

With the Elixir of Gems & Flowers it is possible to increase our quantum energy level, it helps to balance and improve our emotions.

It is aromatherapy, which balances the relationship between the physical body, mental and emotional body, helps eliminate fears and phobias.

It is a Feng Shui harmonizer and energy cleaner. You can use it as a soft cologne that, apart from offering you a fragrance that evokes protection, envelops you and moves you to happy moments.

For babies and children it helps them to reconcile the dream and when they are restless and cry, it reassures them.

We put the amethyst in the formula for its properties. It has been used in all civilizations as a precious stone, linked to the protection and transmutation of negative energies into positive, helps to concentrate and enhances memory. It is the corporate gem, for being transmuting and for its lilac color.

It should be placed in the house in places that need to improve energy, to relax and as an object of beauty.

The double Mandala of the Flower of Life, is created to harmonize and increase the quantum energy of our physical, mental and emotional body, together with the Elixir of Gems and Flowers, they help us in many situations.

This Mandala of the Flower of Life created by Sinthesis Salud is a silver jewel, created in an artisan way by jewelers who love a job well done, and understand the meaning and its powerful energy.

In its design is based the Flower of Life and on it is sold our logo, the Lotus Flower, which symbolizes the positive evolution of the human being, in the chalice of the Lotus Flower is again the Flower of life, On another occasion I will explain why, and at the base of the flower is a beautiful amethyst. For that reason it is a delicate and beautiful jewel, that you never get tired of seeing it. I carry it and many people, always exposed or internally. Carrying it gives you a sense of peace, tranquility at the same time that it gives you joy, because you feel favored by its beauty. It is a jewel valued by men and women, there are three sizes as a pendant and one for the bracelet.
You can know the extent of your protection and energy with kinesiology.

Talking about the Flower of Life is so extensive, that we will dedicate another article to you, I will only advance you for those who do not know it that was found engraved in the Pyramids of Egypt and nobody explains its perfection in the carving of the stone for that time.

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