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The skin of man

The skin is the organ that protects us from external agents, from solar radiation and its harmful effects on cells. It prevents the entrance of microorganisms protecting us from infections. It also regulates fluid loss and dehydration. And it relates us to the external environment through touch, pressure, pain and temperature.

For it to perform its functions well, the skin has to have a correct cellular activity. When its activity is not correct, there are adverse effects such as dryness,   rashes,  itching,  tightness, etc.

We must take care of it inside with a good diet, drink enough, rest the necessary hours, and externally   with creams and balsams that provide the necessary ingredients to have a healthy, strong and beautiful skin.

Most of the nutrients that the skin needs come through blood. Proteins, Omega 3, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace elements … are the substances that cells need for their proper functioning. For example: the lack of Vitamin A generates intense skin dryness. Vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, stimulates the synthesis of epidermal lipids, improving hydration in the skin. It has anti-oxidant properties delaying aging, and has photoprotective power. Magnesium also prevents the aging of the skin by blocking free radicals and promoting the maturation of keratinocytes, thereby stimulating cell regeneration in the epidermis.

We recommend the Life Essential Shake because it contains the nutrients and micronutrients necessary for proper cell function. It can be used externally and internally. You will feel nourished, with vitality, energy and your skin will improve sensibly.

The characteristics of male skin

  • High number of hair follicles. The shaving generates an irritation on the skin on the face.
  • High amount of sebaceous glands. Male skin has a lot of sebum and will be more fat. In adolescence they may be more prone to acne.
  • Increased skin thickness, have more collagen and elastic fibers with what will be a firmer, stronger and elastic skin. This characteristic causes the aging of the male skin to be later than that of the woman. But at the time of appearance the features are more marked.

For you, man, because we are concerned that your skin is healthy, we have created these formulas.

The After Shave Balm with triple action. First step, it is used before shaving to prepare the skin. Second step, add a small amount more to the face, replacing the soap, and shaving. Third step, wash the face with water and apply again the After Shave Balm to reduce irritation, soothe and refresh the skin. 

To avoid aging on the face, apply the Hyaluronic Serum & Q10 every day. This master formula is created to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and from there, due to the high concentrations and properties of its active ingredients, achieve a balancing, repairing, anti-wrinkle, anti-stress and a smoothing of the superficial layers keeping hydrated the complexion. It has no greasy texture.

Coenzyme Q10 has a superficial antioxidant effect but also within the same cell, in the mitochondria, helps neutralize free radicals before they damage the cell. The hyaluronic acid that we contribute to this formula has a molecular weight so small that it penetrates in the deepest layers of the skin, increasing the synthesis of collagen. Another activator of collagen regeneration is maslinic acid, which comes from olive and has a natural antibacterial effect among other beneficial actions.

The Contour of Eyes and Lips improves and reduces the appearance of bags and dark circles at the same time that it eliminates wrinkles of expression. Anti-wrinkle, firming, draining, activating circulation and refreshing. Relieves ocular congestion, it is necessary to use it daily, especially when working with computers and mobile. 

If you have eczema due to stress, we recommend that you apply the Concealer Balm, Irritated skin. 

We recommend the use of Quinton’s Plasma eye drop as a substitute for artificial tears. 

All the cosmetic formulas of Sinthesis Salud contain Quintos Plasma to stimulate the perfect cellular development. 

Remember that the use of the Elixir of Gems and Flowers is your ally to improve your mood and at the same time reduce stress.

We appreciate your trust in us, that you have chosen us and that you use our products created with love. 

You can ask us any questions.

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