Synthesis Health the words CONSCIOUSNESS and COMMITMENT are much more than beautiful words, they are the essence of the company and all those who are part of it.

CONSCIOUSNESS, because each one carries the brand Síntesis Salud has been created with materials, both vegetable and mineral, excellent quality and maximum purity, the result of a rigorous selection. Also, the water we use in the preparation of our formulas has become a fundamental treatment with our own techniques, developed to improve and enhance their qualities, because water is not a vehicle between the components a formula but a fundamental element in the manufacturing process Due to its ability to store and transmit information.

Sinthesis Salud has acquired the COMMITMENT not to include in its formulas, any synthetic component, chemical, petroleum derivatives and uses natural emulsifiers. Commitment to create healthy nutrition and cosmetics, providing beauty and promoting inner well-being thanks to its exclusive master formulas.

In short, products made in perfect balance between beauty and health.