Sabina Calatayud
Founder and President of Sinthesis Salud

Ms. Sabina Calatayud, Valencian pharmacist, graduated in Pharmacy in 1976 from the University of Granada and with extensive studies in various branches of medicine and who, little by little, due to different personal circumstances, was leaning towards natural medicine to respond to issues that affected him directly.
Since its inception had the concern to create master formulas that help solve all cases of nutritional and dermatological disorders (increasingly frequent in today’s society), who came to consult him at his pharmacy and until then had not found a solution.

With very clear objectives and a strong conviction to find natural solutions to the different pathologies, Sabina Calatayud specialized in Homeopathy (Faculty of Medicine, University of Murcia) and Naturist Medicine (Master in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Valencia), to treat the disease with the least side effects and see the body as a holistic whole where everything interacts and relates. He also specialized in Clinical Analysis (Faculty of Pharmacy, E.U. San Pablo), to know the consequences of the food we eat.

Specialist in Orthopedics (Postgraduate in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Valencia), to study our mechanics and the energy and nutritional needs demanded by our Motor System. He was also trained in: Special Cosmetics (MY Official College of Pharmacists of Valencia), Postgraduate in Pharmacology of Medicine (University of Valencia), Central Nervous System (MI Official College of Pharmacists of Valencia), Specialized Nutrition, New Nutrition and Properties Declarations Healthy, Organic Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat Valenciana), Trace Elements in Pediatrics, Chinese Medicine Studies, BioCosmetic, Biomagnetic Pair Studies, (Bios Methods) Relaxation and Personal Growth Techniques (Taping), Techniques of Conscious and Antiestress Breathing. He has run a Pharmacy Office and two Herbodietética establishments for several years.

In its eagerness to acquire greater knowledge and the secrets kept on millenary techniques of the main cultures of East and West, it focused its objective in merging the best of both. Thus, in 1993 he began to travel the world visiting countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, India (Tibet and Delhi), Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Zimbabwe), America (Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, United States). ), New Zealand, most countries in Europe and Spain. It has been a long and laborious journey of 33 years of research, creating, like an alchemist, the best master formulas to solve with great success the cases that are presented to you.

Due to the knowledge and experience acquired in Cosmetics and Natural Nutrition and her long career, she has been given conferences and seminars in Spain and other places, where she participates as a guest in several specialized forums. Currently, he teaches an annual conference in the Master of Natural Medicine of the Honorable College of Physicians of Valencia.