History of sinthesis salud

Founded in 2002 by the Valencian Sabina Calatayud, Bachelor of Pharmacy and more than 37 years of continuous training in research. Health Synthesis to cover the existing gap in the field of Nutrition and Natural Cosmetics focused on harmonizing health.

The philosophy of its founder and her firm conviction have made possible the creation of a company with particular characteristics and respectful of nature. A company that has managed to combine the purest professional ethics, awareness and love towards the human being, to create a unique line of master formulas, something essential to face the real rhythm of life that demands a greater contribution of nutrients.

Years of research and raw materials of high quality, without preservatives and without toxicity, are the basis and the conscience of all our lines, characterized by love and respect for nature and its fusion with our being, which allows us to offer Products of the highest quality and great efficiency. Under this premise came the “Natural Health Nutrition and Cosmetics”, a concept that applies to all formulas of Health Synthesis and therefore, all products nourish and beautify while providing health and well-being, the ability to improve our quality of life . A quality that makes us unique in the market.