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Intimate Balm

Its active principles correct vaginal dryness, prevent the appearance of pathogenic germs such as fungi and bacteria and favor the healing of ulcers and mucosal alterations. It is regenerating, anti-inflammatory, soothing and refreshing. In sexual relations acts lubricating. Regulates the pH after the rule. Create a natural flow Due to the proximity to the wall of the bladder soothes cystitis and urinary tract infections. It has deodorant effect. 50ml  

Intimate gel

Gentle cleanser for genital area, physiological pH, refreshing, anti germs, anti-fungal. Its special composition allows this extra soft gel for washing intimate areas to act with extremely gentle cleansing of delicate skin. Restores the pH and avoids irritations. The skin is calm and hydrated. 125ml

Lubricant oil

Balanced combination of oils whose properties are to hydrate, regenerate, lubricate and act as a barrier against infections, in order to improve the intimate area. At the same time it facilitates sexual relations. 50ml