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Hardness Cream

Take care of those more sensitive areas!
The formula Hardness Cream is designed for areas of our body that wear out before or require more attention, for example, feet, heels, elbows, etc. This cream has a dense texture that makes it penetrate in a very active and deep in our skin and cells, helping it to regenerate and hydrate more quickly. 60ml  

Herbal Regenerating Lotion & Aloe vera

Its active ingredients have healing, soothing, moisturizing and regenerating properties of damaged skin for both face and body. Provides elasticity. It has mild deodorant action. Recommended in cases of itching, burns, wounds, scars, psoriasis, acne, infections, hemorrhoids, vaginal itching. It can be used for oily skin as a moisturizer as it does not have any fats. 125ml

Hypoallergenic deodorant

Deodorant, lymphatic drain, anti-decongestant, antibacterial and antifungal effect. Natural and effective deodorant without aluminum or toxic substances. It has a delicate texture that prevents and neutralizes body odors caused by bacterial development. Its extracts prevent the pores from closing, avoiding the natural processes of elimination of the sweat glands that can cause allergies and irritations. Its components have the ability to help in the proper functioning of the lymphatic system. Suitable for all skins, also for children, and allergies. You can remove boils in the underarm area. 60ml

Infant Moisturizing Milk

Milk of soft texture that penetrates easily and due to its active ingredients, moisturizes and regenerates the most sensitive and delicate skins such as children's. Respects the pH of the skin being suitable for irritated and sensitive skin. 125ml Agitar antes de usar.

Intimate Balm

Its active principles correct vaginal dryness, prevent the appearance of pathogenic germs such as fungi and bacteria and favor the healing of ulcers and mucosal alterations. It is regenerating, anti-inflammatory, soothing and refreshing. In sexual relations acts lubricating. Regulates the pH after the rule. Create a natural flow Due to the proximity to the wall of the bladder soothes cystitis and urinary tract infections. It has deodorant effect. 50ml  

Lotus Aroma Diffuser

Our Aromatherapy Line has been created to awaken the senses. Its essential oils act on the pineal and pituitary glands getting an activation of our endocrine system. Fragrance for the home. Wake up the senses. The aroma of Lotus is unique to Sinthesis Salud. 200 ml

Lotus Perfume Candle 190gr

Our Aromatherapy Line has been created to awaken the senses. Its essential oils act on the pineal and pituitary glands getting an activation of our endocrine system. In addition, its melted wax is also a gift for our skin. It can be used as a perfume in cream providing intense hydration and a unique fragrance to the skin. 190gr

Medium Mandala of the Flower of Life by Sinthesis Salud

" Flower of Life Mandala , created by Sinthesis Salud. It helps us to protect ourselves and transmute the energies thanks to its power of double Mandala of the Flower of life (Sacred symbol because it represents the fundamental forms of space and time, the source of all life and interconnectivity with creation, not only at a spiritual level but also at a scientific level.There are 36 circular arcs that form a mandala with 19 overlapping circles creating geometric patterns.This unique design increases the threshold of energy that we have when we carry it, with nosortros), the Lotus Flower (represents the evolutionary change of the human being, improves physically and emotionally, carrying in its corolla the second mandala of the pendant, the Flower of Life) and Amethyst , quartz transmuting negative to positive energies. Protect yourself with this exclusive jewel of Sinthesis Salud Sterling silver 3.3cm "

Moisturizing Cleansing Milk

It is a moisturizing milk that in turn cleans deeply eliminating impurities, fats, makeup and toxins. It does not contain soaps and respects the lipid mantle. Its active ingredients soothe, moisturize and regenerate the most demanding skin. Due to its balanced composition, it can be used for any type of skin at all ages. 125ml

Relaxing Children’s Oil

Soft and emollient oil that moisturizes, repairs and regenerates dry areas. Its essential oils provide the child with a relaxing effect. Indicated for corporal massages and localized in case of colic of the infant or to relax the child when it is restless. It can be used for the whole family. 125ml

Shampoo-Gel Protector Infantil

Its special composition cleans the skin and hair of children with extreme gentleness. With physiological pH to avoid eye irritation and itching of sensitive skin. Leaves hair soft, shiny and clean, allowing to detangle easily. The skin is hydrated and calm. 125ml

Shower Oil & Massage

Completely natural oil, suitable for adults and babies, rich in components with moisturizing, emollient and nourishing properties that care, tone and regenerate the skin. Suitable for use is facial and body. 125ml