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Small Mandala of the Flower of Life by Sinthesis Salud

" Flower of Life Mandala , created by Sinthesis Salud. It helps us to protect ourselves and transmute the energies thanks to its power of double Mandala of the Flower of life (Sacred symbol because it represents the fundamental forms of space and time, the source of all life and interconnectivity with creation, not only at a spiritual level but also at a scientific level.There are 36 circular arcs that form a mandala with 19 overlapping circles creating geometric patterns.This unique design increases the threshold of energy that we have when we carry it, with nosortros), the Lotus Flower (represents the evolutionary change of the human being, improves physically and emotionally, carrying in its corolla the second mandala of the pendant, the Flower of Life) and Amethyst , quartz transmuting negative to positive energies. Protect yourself with this exclusive jewel of Sinthesis Salud Sterling silver 2.5cm "

Soothing Cream

Soothing, decongestive, regenerative and refreshing. The active principles of this formula have the properties of soothing and decongesting the inflamed and painful areas, giving the sensation of lightness, relief, at the same time that reactivates the circulation. It can be used as anti snoring, eases nasal breathing and in cases of angina and colds. 60ml  

Tired Legs Lotion

Stimulates circulation, calms the sensation of heaviness, tingling, itching and burning. It has some active ingredients whose properties are to refresh and relieve instantly tired legs and feet. Reduces inflammation, hydrates and provides elasticity with cold effect. 125ml

Tonic Lotion

"The facial and body tonic lotion reduces the enlarged pores, tones the skin and stimulates the skin in its regenerative process. Its active principles have the property of reactivating the circulation and soothing the irritation produced by sun exposure, shaving, waxing, burns, etc. Decongest the eyelids. Suitable for sensitive skin. 125ml Shake before using"