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Anti-Acne Hydrating Fluid

Prevents and corrects the appearance of acne. Balances, attenuates redness and moisturizes. Indicated for juvenile and adult skins with different types of acne (itching, papules, pustules, abscesses ...). It helps to diminish, relieve and calm the acne areas. It does not contain alcohol, it moisturizes the skin at the same time as it corrects excess fat and decreases the pore size. 50ml

Depigmenting Fluid

Its active principles restore the chromatic tone of the skin, reduce the stains, and prevent the appearance of new, premature aging caused by solar radiation and environmental aggressions. It is moisturizing and cellular regenerator. 30ml

Eye Contour & Lips

It is a fluid of very smooth texture that moisturizes and regenerates the delicate areas of the eyelids and lips. Improves and reduces the appearance of bags and dark circles while eliminating wrinkles of expression. Anti-wrinkle, firming, draining, activating circulation and refreshing. 15ml Agitar antes de usar.