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Anti-wrinkle oil

For the driest skins this Anti-Wrinkle Oil is needed because it activates the rejuvenating cell making it, pampering it awakens its essence making you feel your skin more elastic, hydrated and nourished. Its aromatherapy effect vitalizes you and increases your joy. 30ml

Body lotion

Its active ingredients have properties that regenerate, heal, nourish and hydrate in depth the dry skin, allergic, atopic, with eczema and pruritus, restoring and balancing the skin. Thanks to its regenerative power it is used as anti-stretch marks. Its use is facial and corporal. For the entire family. 210ml  

Breast cream

Cream that reaffirms and tightens the breasts and other delicate parts of the body, at the same time that moisturizes and provides an effect of volume increase. The active ingredients of this formula absorb water, increasing the volume of the cell naturally. Due to the Bach Flowers and Elixirs of Gems and Flowers, essential oils and other extracts it is possible to improve the self-esteem and the acceptance of our body, emotional and psychic factors so important in women. 100ml

Calming Oil

Pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, nourishing, moisturizing and provides heat. It has two functions: to calm the pain and massage to warm a certain area. Honey has anti-inflammatory, regenerative and nourishing effects that intensify the action of this oil. Essential oils exert the action of aromatherapy, which acts at both physical, emotional and psychic levels. 60ml

Children’s dermal colony

Delicate mixture of essential oils with relaxing and moisturizing properties. With energized thermal water, Elixir De Gemas & amp; Flowers and a low alcohol content to avoid irritations. It provides an angelic and delicate aroma. 125ml

Christmas Children’s Basket

Wonderful gift to take care of the kids in the house. The formulas of our Infant Line pamper, protect and moisturize the most sensitive skins.
This pack is designed for the care of the smallest of the house and offer a mime with totally natural and toxic-free products.
Content of the pack:
Shampoo-gel, body milk and relaxing oil, GIFT of the dermal colony, a 5ml correction cream, a basket and a small teddy bear available in pink, blue or white.
Shake before use.

Concealer Balm

"Moisturizing and emollient balm whose active principles soothe itching and redness. Indicated for skins with intolerances as it is the case of the skins with psoriasis, eczemas and dermatitis. Moisturizing, emollient, nourishing, regenerating, soothing of the itching, relaxing, anti-germs and antifungal. 125ml"

Corrective Cream

Its active principles act on irritated skin, allergic reactions, eczema, rosacea, acne, boils, wounds, burns, pruritus, diaper rash, restoring the skin, calming and deflating the affected area with optimal results. 60ml

Depigmenting Fluid

Its active principles restore the chromatic tone of the skin, reduce the stains, and prevent the appearance of new, premature aging caused by solar radiation and environmental aggressions. It is moisturizing and cellular regenerator. 30ml

Elixir of Gems & flowers

Harmonizing aromatherapy. It balances the relationship between the physical, mental and emotional bodies, increasing self-esteem and acceptance of oneself. It helps eliminate fears and phobias. Feng Shui harmonizer and energy cleaner. Spray directly by the body and face, in a few minutes a state of harmony, reminds us of that sweetness of childhood, a love that transmits peace and security in yourself, giving you thrust and in turn feeling the body less dense. 50ml

Emollient Lotion

Emollient, antiseptic, antifungal, antioxidant and relieves itching. Penetrates the skin and from the deep layers to exert a germicidal, antifungal and regenerative action. The essential oils that it contains act with great effectiveness in cases of psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, dermatitis, etc. 60ml

Eye Contour & Lips

It is a fluid of very smooth texture that moisturizes and regenerates the delicate areas of the eyelids and lips. Improves and reduces the appearance of bags and dark circles while eliminating wrinkles of expression. Anti-wrinkle, firming, draining, activating circulation and refreshing. 15ml Agitar antes de usar.