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Lubricant oil

Balanced combination of oils whose properties are to hydrate, regenerate, lubricate and act as a barrier against infections, in order to improve the intimate area. At the same time it facilitates sexual relations. 50ml  

Moisturizing Cleansing Milk

It is a moisturizing milk that in turn cleans deeply eliminating impurities, fats, makeup and toxins. It does not contain soaps and respects the lipid mantle. Its active ingredients soothe, moisturize and regenerate the most demanding skin. Due to its balanced composition, it can be used for any type of skin at all ages. 125ml

Oil Protector Skin & Nail

The wise combination of these essential oils, which have traditionally been used as antioxidants, preservatives and fungicides, creates maximum effectiveness. 30ml

Oily Hair Shampoo

Sebaceous, astringent, disinfectant and balancing regulator. The synergy of its active ingredients is so effective, Burdock, Nettle, which is achieved in a smooth way, without rebound effect, the balance of the sebaceous gland, decreasing excess fat, giving flexibility to the hair, eliminating the appearance of fat, and provided a natural brightness. 125ml  

Pack cleans and slims

127,00 101,00
Debug and lose weight with this pack. Do you need to purge all the excesses of this Christmas? Do you want to find yourself better with your body? Or do you want to eliminate toxins from your body? Well, this exclusive pack is perfect for it. Our 100% natural products will help you find yourself better inside and out. The Life Essential Shake will give you all the nutrients your body needs and you will feel more energized. In addition, it is perfect to lose weight. Along with this product, our Herbal Extract Saciante that will help you control your appetite and finally, the Anticelulítico that will improve all those areas where cellulite is present and the appearance of new zones.
Package content:
  • Essential Shake Life 780gr to choose between chocolate and fruit  
  • Herbal Extract to choose between herbal or coffee flavor  
  • Anti-cellulite slimming 210ml
    Note in observations the flavors chosen.
    Shake before use.

Relaxing Children’s Oil

Soft and emollient oil that moisturizes, repairs and regenerates dry areas. Its essential oils provide the child with a relaxing effect. Indicated for corporal massages and localized in case of colic of the infant or to relax the child when it is restless. It can be used for the whole family. 125ml

Shampoo-Gel Protector Infantil

Its special composition cleans the skin and hair of children with extreme gentleness. With physiological pH to avoid eye irritation and itching of sensitive skin. Leaves hair soft, shiny and clean, allowing to detangle easily. The skin is hydrated and calm. 125ml

Shower Oil & Massage

Completely natural oil, suitable for adults and babies, rich in components with moisturizing, emollient and nourishing properties that care, tone and regenerate the skin. Suitable for use is facial and body. 125ml

Soothing Cream

Soothing, decongestive, regenerative and refreshing. The active principles of this formula have the properties of soothing and decongesting the inflamed and painful areas, giving the sensation of lightness, relief, at the same time that reactivates the circulation. It can be used as anti snoring, eases nasal breathing and in cases of angina and colds. 60ml  

Tired Legs Lotion

Stimulates circulation, calms the sensation of heaviness, tingling, itching and burning. It has some active ingredients whose properties are to refresh and relieve instantly tired legs and feet. Reduces inflammation, hydrates and provides elasticity with cold effect. 125ml

Tonic Lotion

"The facial and body tonic lotion reduces the enlarged pores, tones the skin and stimulates the skin in its regenerative process. Its active principles have the property of reactivating the circulation and soothing the irritation produced by sun exposure, shaving, waxing, burns, etc. Decongest the eyelids. Suitable for sensitive skin. 125ml Shake before using"

Vitamin Hydrating Cream

Its texture is soft and penetrating, absorbing easily as the skin recognizes its natural components, these act selectively providing more hydration and regeneration in the area most needed. Acid Hyaluronic , the Q10, its vitamins, antioxidants and factors moisturizing together with the energetic force of the Vital Elixirs make this cream totally effective. 60ml