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The combination of its active ingredients has traditionally been used to effectively improve cellulite and fluid retention. This formula is very effective due to the quality and high concentration of its ingredients. 210ml

Body lotion

Its active ingredients have properties that regenerate, heal, nourish and hydrate in depth the dry skin, allergic, atopic, with eczema and pruritus, restoring and balancing the skin. Thanks to its regenerative power it is used as anti-stretch marks. Its use is facial and corporal. For the entire family. 210ml  

Breast cream

Cream that reaffirms and tightens the breasts and other delicate parts of the body, at the same time that moisturizes and provides an effect of volume increase. The active ingredients of this formula absorb water, increasing the volume of the cell naturally. Due to the Bach Flowers and Elixirs of Gems and Flowers, essential oils and other extracts it is possible to improve the self-esteem and the acceptance of our body, emotional and psychic factors so important in women. 100ml

Depigmenting Fluid

Its active principles restore the chromatic tone of the skin, reduce the stains, and prevent the appearance of new, premature aging caused by solar radiation and environmental aggressions. It is moisturizing and cellular regenerator. 30ml

Eye Contour & Lips

It is a fluid of very smooth texture that moisturizes and regenerates the delicate areas of the eyelids and lips. Improves and reduces the appearance of bags and dark circles while eliminating wrinkles of expression. Anti-wrinkle, firming, draining, activating circulation and refreshing. 15ml Agitar antes de usar.