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Anti-mosquito Body Protector Oil with a unique composition whose result is a mixture of essential oils, elixirs of gems, flowers, chromotherapy, etc. 50ml

Calming Oil

Pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, nourishing, moisturizing and provides heat. It has two functions: to calm the pain and massage to warm a certain area. Honey has anti-inflammatory, regenerative and nourishing effects that intensify the action of this oil. Essential oils exert the action of aromatherapy, which acts at both physical, emotional and psychic levels. 60ml

Christmas Children’s Basket

Wonderful gift to take care of the kids in the house. The formulas of our Infant Line pamper, protect and moisturize the most sensitive skins.
This pack is designed for the care of the smallest of the house and offer a mime with totally natural and toxic-free products.
Content of the pack:
Shampoo-gel, body milk and relaxing oil, GIFT of the dermal colony, a 5ml correction cream, a basket and a small teddy bear available in pink, blue or white.
Shake before use.

Hair Protector Oil

Eliminates and protects against lice and crabs naturally. Its natural components are tolerated even by the most sensitive skins, without toxicity. 60ml  

Oil Protector Skin & Nail

The wise combination of these essential oils, which have traditionally been used as antioxidants, preservatives and fungicides, creates maximum effectiveness. 30ml

Relaxing Children’s Oil

Soft and emollient oil that moisturizes, repairs and regenerates dry areas. Its essential oils provide the child with a relaxing effect. Indicated for corporal massages and localized in case of colic of the infant or to relax the child when it is restless. It can be used for the whole family. 125ml

Shower Oil & Massage

Completely natural oil, suitable for adults and babies, rich in components with moisturizing, emollient and nourishing properties that care, tone and regenerate the skin. Suitable for use is facial and body. 125ml