Sinthesis Salud was born to cover the field of nutrition and cosmetics 100% natural and free toxic. Years of research to get the best raw materials and high quality, providing all the nutrients that our body needs. 

A brand free of preservatives, toxic, respectful of nature and working transparently. 

Products made by ourselves, since we have our own laboratory, always looking for the maximum excellence. We manufacture in a responsible way, taking full advantage of the ingredients, with few runs as they are natural products that require a lot of control and care. 

Experts in all types of allergies and intolerances both food and skin problems: dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, atomic and sensitive skins, etc. 

Many of our ingredients are organic. Every day we try to improve the obtaining of them to achieve a better formulation. At the same time, it is not tested on animals and all our containers to avoid contamination are glass and reusable, just like our packaging.

Our concept is to improve health and well-being, allowing a much healthier lifestyle with a higher quality. Without leaving aside that our products embellish and nourish both outside and inside.